Directional Flow Carb Cap

The directional flow carb cap is probably the most popular and most efficient design for a carb cap to date. Not only does it provide a relatively airtight glass on glass seal between itself and the rim of a quartz banger or bucket, but it also allows the user to get involved in the expedited vaporization!

A directional flow carb cap can take on many forms but it needs to provide the flat seal described above, and it must have an actual carb hole with a tiny angled downstem to allow air to be pulled through it and down towards the dish of the quartz domeless nail. When the cap is placed over the top of the quartz banger, the oil or concentrate within will immediately accelerate its vaporization process. But when the user then manipulates the carb cap by gently turning it left or right, the controlled airflow will “chase” the vaping oil around the entire surface of the dish of the nail resulting in a much more efficient and thorough vaporization process (ie. more terps!)

Below you will find directional flow carb caps that can fit any quartz domeless nail AND any budget as well. Simple or heady – The Dab Lab has the directional flow carb cap you’ve been looking for. If you are looking to add a new quartz domeless banger or bucket to your cart today, or if you already have one and just need a new carb cap to go with it, be sure to check out our intuitive Carb Cap Compatibility Master List to make sure you get exactly what you need for the best experience possible.

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