Herbal Vaporizers

Many connoisseurs believe that the best way to capture the true essence of herbs, to really get the accurate flavor and full effects, it needs to be vaporized. For decades, this meant setting up some sort of tabletop contraption, maybe even filling some enormous plastic bag with vapors, then wondering if it even worked at the end. Fortunately, times have changed, and The Dab Lab now offers portable, handheld herbal vaporizers that work either at home or away. But don’t worry; if you like the classic desktop style herbal vaporizers, we have those too! With options small enough to literally fit in your pocket, to more robust and feature-heavy units, you are sure to find the right herbal vaporizer that will provide you with countless hours of effective convection vaporization. Enjoy your herbs without all of the combustion and carbon waste. Our smallest and most affordable herbal vaporizer is the Atmos Jump. Our largest and best quality herbal vaporizer is the classic Volcano Vaporizer. Need help choosing? Contact us for some guidance.