Dabbers & Carb Caps

From art-themed custom worked boro glass dabbers, to highly functional titanium Flat Head, Ball Point, or Pointed options, The Dab Lab is sure to have the perfect dabber & carb cap combination for you. Those seeking the highest terps know that you’ve got to keep your domeless nail at a low temperature. Often, even though the flavor profile might be through the roof, that ideal temperature is not quite enough to fully vaporize your dab. That is where the carb cap comes into play, introducing a vortex of superheated air into the dish of your nail and fully vaporizing the rest of the oil.

 It’s sort of amazing to see the type of questionable objects some people use as their “carb cap”, but here at The Dab Lab, we want our carb caps to be made from the same high quality materials as the dabbers we sell. You don’t use a silicone dabber, so stop using silicone products as your carb cap! It’s only natural that glass, quartz, and titanium dabbers and carb caps go hand in hand. Some models we offer allow a dabber to be attached to a carb cap, as sort of a 2-in-1 tool. For more information check out or blog that explains which dabbers work best with the different types of dabs. Also check out our Carb Cap Buyer's Guide.