Cleaning Supplies

There is nothing worse than being handed a crusty, clogged and filthy glass pipe to smoke out of at a party or sesh. Or when you set a warm pipe in your lap for after a huge toke and the gooey activated resin globs out of the carb hole and onto your favorite jeans – nooooo! You can keep your daily driver sparkling clean and always avoid being “that person” when you stock up on these essential glass pipe cleaning supplies from your buds at The Dab Lab. Get with the times and use the right tools for the job so that you can work smarter, not harder, when keeping your glass pipes fresh and clean. Ditch the toxic iso alcohol and fingernail polish removers, leave the salt in the cupboard and try these proven products that are formulated specifically to handle your needs without stinking up the house. From a wide variety of sizes of wire brushes, to a great selection of the most popular liquid glass cleaners, to simple yet innovative and highly useful tools, The Dab Lab has the ideal cleaning products to help you keep your glass collection looking great and functioning flawlessly. You deserve clean glass. We can help you keep it that way.