Glass Marbles & Paperweights

If you are looking to add a vivid, long lasting, splash of colorful art to any room, or perhaps you are looking for the perfect gift for the art lover in your life, our selection of borosilicate glass marbles and paperweights are sure to have just what you need. The incredible depth and clarity found in this form of glass art can be mind-blowing, as you can see with the works of artists like Jerry Kelly, Cap’n Crunk, Scoz and more! Often signed by the artist, these glass marbles are each one of kind pieces of art that have been known to retain or even gain in value over time. Since every marble here at The Dab Lab is unique, you can be sure you are getting something special for your collection. Check out the product descriptions for sizing of each marble. The bigger the marble, the harder it is to make (so heavy!). Our collection features an array of glass art techniques from latticinos, to millies, dot stacks, implosions, and more.