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Why We Love the New Thermal P Banger & Bubble Cap

Posted by Jay Dreadhead on

With most dabbing connoisseurs opting for quartz nails, troughs, buckets and bangers these days, The Dab Lab is here to highlight one of our newest best sellers – the Thermal P Banger.


For the highest quality quartz dabbing products, you can count on to offer several styles of quartz bangers and quartz carb caps. Pukinbeagle originally conceived and produced this innovative design of quartz banger, and it has quickly earned a reputation as being one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to dab your oil. The brilliant double wall Thermal P design ensures that even after a large glob, zero oil escapes the dish to go to waste or to clog up your joint. No more oil spills! Another useful benefit of the double wall design of the Thermal P Banger is that it retains heat like no other quartz nail that we have seen.



Want large low-temp dabs? This is the quartz banger and quartz carb cap setup for you. 


The Thermal P Banger, paired with a Bubble Carb Cap, is the ideal combo for savoring the flavor and tasting the terps! The carb cap is essential – don’t start using any flat object you have laying around. You deserve better. The Bubble Carb Cap, or Bubble Cap, is such a perfect complement to a Thermal P Banger. The “ball & socket” fit and feel of a perfectly paired Bubble Cap and Banger is so satisfying. The smooth fit allows you to rotate the Bubble Cap, while controlling airflow with your finger via the hole in the top. This rotation of airflow allows you to continually disperse the vaporizing oil across the dish of the banger in every direction, effectively vaporizing more of your oil and making the lowest temperature taste bud busting dabs with every rip.



The Thermal P Bangers and Bubble Carb Caps can be hard for us to keep in stock. They sell very quickly,so when you see them, grab them! We try to carry options at different price points, with varying sizes on the head of the nail (16mm-25mm typically on the Thermal P Bangers), and the size and sex of the joint (10mm Male, 10mm Female, 14mm Male, 14mm Female are pretty standard sizes for this style of product). Bubble caps are available in matching sizes. We have clear and colored glass bubble carp caps, as well as a quartz carp cap option.


Smart products that work well with prices that make sense – that’s what we bring you every day here at and remember… FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders over $300! 

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