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Top 5 Affordable Dab Rigs from The Dab Lab – Fall 2017

Posted by Jay Dreadhead on

Tis the season for terps and here at The Dab Lab we’ve got some high quality dab rigs at low, low prices that are just perfect to give as gifts… or scoop for yourself to add to your own glass collection!


Fall 2017 - Top 5 Bestselling Dab Rigs for $100 or less



Strike gold this holiday season with this vibrantly fumed dab rig from Sesh Supply. The 14mm female “banger hanger” joint and fixed downstem leads to a chugging 4-hole perc for some awesome bubbly action as you take a rip. Standing at just 5.5 inches tall, the function on this little ripper is flawless with no unwanted splash. It comes equipped with a 14mm martini style bowl/slide, but you can easily upgrade it to come with your choice of several affordable quartz domeless nails from and still stay under $100!



This proven design features a large can/chamber for such a small dab rig, allowing the 4-slit percolator enough room to stack some serious bubbles! The extra thick base is accented in a classy black and provides a stable base to keep your new glass safe. The matching dome has a black accented handle and the rig comes equipped with a 14mm quartz nail so you’ll be dabbing minutes after the mailman brings your delivery from The Dab Lab!



Another stunner from Bare Glass, this clear scientific recycler rig is an absolute steal at this price! But don’t take our word for it; check out the customer review on the product page. A simple 3-hole perc leads to a perfect spinning recycler drain keeping your lips dry and your head high. 14mm dome and quartz dab nail included.



This chunky and sturdy dab rig from Famous Brandz is a solid piece of glass worthy of any road trip or sesh. It features a 14mm malejoint, which spills into a fixed downstemwith a double showercap perc – a bulbous diffusor with several slits. Stamped with the Cheech n’ Chong “Up in Smoke’ logo and equipped with a 14mm matching dome and quartz nail, this rig is flying off of our shelves here at



3 hot new styles of highly functional mini dab rigs from Mav Glass have arrived at The Dab Lab and the customer feedback has been great so far. All three styles are unique from one another in their overall shape, but each one features a 14mm female joint, a splash of heady color work, and a simple 2-hole perc. The “Candy Can” style has a cool drop-down joint that sits at table-level making it much more stable for use with e-nails. So be sure to check out the Baby Bulb, the Candy Can, and the Head Stand mini dab rigs from Mav Glass, brought to you by your friends here at The Dab Lab.


Looking to spend a bit more?

These are just a small sample of the unrivaled selection of dab rigs, tools, accessories, and other 420, 710, and counter culture gear that you can find at The Dab Lab. So whether you are shopping for a friend or for yourself, hit us up with your budget and what you’re looking for and we’ll pair you up with the perfect piece of glass for the holidays. 

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