This category features all of our non-functional glass art for sale. Well, technically the heady beer mugs are super functional, but for the most part you will find pendants, marbles, as well as murine and millefiori (millies). We have curated some of the most stunning and sought after work from the most talented glass artists in America. We are always adding more to the store when we see new styles that we know you will love as much as we do. Many pieces of glass art of this caliber have proven to gain in value over time, making glass art one of the fastest growing investments to ever come out of the cannabis industry. Your collection of glass art can often say a lot about your personality, and a heady glass pendant can be an awesome conversation starter from the grocery store to a Cannabis Cup. Take a look at what we have to offer below. 

Glass Marbles and Paperweights - Great for displaying on a shelf or table to level up the "feng shui" in your home. It's just like hanging a painting on the wall or a sculpture on an end table. They are also great collector items! 

Glass Pendants & Jewelry - A glass pendant, worn on a necklace, could be just the thing to complete that outfit you have been piecing together. Or maybe you just want to show people your love for glass art when your out and about. They sure do make great gifts! 

Glass Millies & Murrine - Glass millies are like the trading cards of glass art. These small slices of glass are produced in limited quantities and each batch is unique. They are also great for glassblowers that want to add some flare to a piece they are making. 

Handmade Drinking Glass - Get your own special unique glass drinking vessel featuring vivid colorful glass art. With a glass art drinking glass you will never wonder which glass is yours again!