Glass on glass adapters might be the wisest investment a glass connoisseur can make. They can be incredibly handy if you have a specific domeless nail setup that you are trying to use with a rig whose joint size does not match. With a glass on glass adapter from The Dab Lab, you can convert a male joint to a female joint, or vice versa. Additionally you can use glass on glass adapters to make the joint sizes larger or smaller. Want to use a 14mm domeless nail on your 10mm Female rig? We have an adapter for that.

They are also way more affordable than the rigs you are attaching them to. So using them as a spacer between your domeless nail and the joint on your rig is just a smart move. We can tell you plenty of stories about times when an affordable $15 adapter saved a super heady multi-thousand dollar rig from having its joint broken beyond repair. Unfortunately, we can tell you plenty more about times when someone used a new titanium domeless nail directly on the joint of an expensive custom-worked piece of glass, only to discover that the nail had fused itself to the joint over time, making cleaning the rig or replacing the nail nearly impossible. Besides standard glass on glass adapters, we also offer useful dropdowns, reclaim catchers, and even a mouthpiece adapter that converts your favorite ash catcher into a functional bubbler!