SUTRA VAPE Vaporizers

Established in 2011, Sutra Vape has been around for all of the ups and downs of the vape game and has emerged as an industry leader and a brand that we are proud to feature on our shelves here at The Dab Lab. Sutra Vape has friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps available Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm pacific time so your questions or concerns are handled quickly and efficiently to keep the vapors flowing. Their make-sense manufacturer warranty extends to all products available in our store giving you peace of mind when you buy from - The products themselves are designed for ultimate mobility and discretion, with a focus on ease of use. Everything from their pocket or purse sized vaping systems to their handheld electronic dab station with its heady glass recycler attachment for proper filtration, flavor, and effects are so simple to use and are available in options that can accommodate any budget and satisfy any extract lover. With features like button-free auto-draw technology, the ability to vape herbs and oils in the same handheld unit, and an ever-growing list of positive customer reviews it’s time that you take a look at Sutra Vape from The Dab Lab.