Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are the most popular style of glass pipes. They are shaped similar to an actual spoon. The skinny end is the mouthpiece and the round end is the bowl. This classic style dry pipe is great for both on the go and at home use. They also tend to be fairly easy to clean. Because spoon pipes are so popular, there are tons of options from many different artists. Here on The Dab Lab you will find an amazing selection of quality glass spoon pipes from well known brands. If you are looking for something simple and cheap check Grav Labs and Crush Glass for spoon pipes under $40. If you want something flashy and one of a kind, check out pipes from Trapper Studio, Liberty Glass, Schmalex Glass, and more. With so many options you will surely find something you like. All pipes are packed securely and shipped discreetly. Contact us today with any questions or concerns.