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Butane Torch & Lighters

Which Dab Torch Do I Need?

So you need a dab torch, but you are not sure which one to get. Well, we are here to help! First off, a dab torch requires butane lighter fluid to be used. They are very powerful, so be careful when using one. We carry them in 3 different sizes:


Large - The large dab torch works for any size quartz nail or titanium nail. It works with both basic dab nails with oil domes and domeless nails.

EXAMPLE: Errly Bird "Torch Art" Butane Torch


Medium - The medium dab torch works for any size quartz or titanium nail, but takes a bit longer to heat them up. It also works with both the basic and domeless nail designs.

EXAMPLE: Blazer Big Buddy Turbo Flame Butane Torch


Small - The small dab torch only works with a small 10mm Quartz Nail or a 10mm Titanium Nail. This dab torch works best when used with a Health Stone Glass Vaporizer.

EXAMPLE: Vector Triple Flame Torch Lighters