It has never been easier to keep your glass pipes, slides, bowls, downstems, ashcatchers, bongs, bubblers, and dab rigs cleaner than it is with Grunge Off Cleaner. The best part is that it works! The second best part is that it is REUSABLE! All you do is pour some Grunge Off Cleaner into your piece or into a container for your piece and with no harmful abrasives and no potentially harmful vigorous shaking or swirling watch as your caked up glass become crystal clear again. For tougher stains or heavier buildup, you can let your glass soak in the solution for as long as necessary and the Grunge Off Cleaner will continue to do the work for you.

This incredibly easy to use, totally biodegradable and alcohol-free glass cleaner cuts right through the grimiest buildup and breaks it down right before your eyes leaving behind no scratches or unsightly and impossible to reach water marks. A quick rise of warm water at the end and you are ready to start getting it dirty again! You deserve to truly taste your terps and Grunge Off Cleaner gives you that new glass feeling every time and leaves behind no residue to spoil your next toke. Instead it cleans, deodorizes, and disinfects your glass, killing germs on contact. Grunge Off Cleaner is proudly made in the USA.