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Dab Rigs | Vapor Rigs

The Dab Rigs category is filled with more than 100 options! We carry everything from small oil rigs to large dab bongs. You can find dozens of vapor rigs in every shape and size imaginable! Although dab rigs come in many different sizes, it is best to dab oil with a smaller piece than a larger one. Vapor is not as hot as combusted smoke So cooling down vapor too much can actually make it harsher! If your looking for cheap dab rigs that won't hurt your pocket, check out iDAB Glass. iDab Glass Oil Rigs are highly functional and affordable while not lacking on quality! If your looking for some heady glass, then check out artists like Buck Glass, Elbo Glass, Ryno Glass, Dillinger Glass and the many other artist's glass we offer for sale!