Whether you are rolling one up, or packing a fat bowl of your finest herb, it goes without saying that the best way to ensure a full, even burn is by properly grinding it first. Grinders come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, so we make sure to give you plenty of options here at The Dab Lab. Some customers prefer the slim pocket-sized profile of 2-piece grinders, while many want the full 4-piece models with the steel mesh screens and pollen collection chambers - so of course we offer both options. We have top quality, American made grinders like Phoenician Grinders and more affordable (but still quality) grinders like Kannastor Grinders. Phoenician Grinders are a bit newer to the scene, but with their background in engineering, they provide a wide array of features unique to their brand. Fibonacci-inspired design can be found throughout each model and the screens are removable and replaceable. Phoenician Grinders have no threads, but instead use a cool locking notch system that eliminates cross threading forever! The Kannastor has a more classic design, but with a unique look (black tops). They also make a "clear top" grinder that allows you to see the herb as you grind it (could prevent over-grinding).