With options starting at under $10, The Dab Lab always has your back when you need a new downstem for your glass bong. Having the option to remove your downstem from your bong has so many advantages. It makes cleaning everything so much easier and more thorough, especially around the joint. But it is also great to be able to swap out different downstems to make your old glass bong chug or rip a bit differently based on the diffusion at the bottom end of the downstem. 

We have multiple options for you here, all at affordable prices, each one offering its own unique features. We have unbreakable silicone downstems, borosilicate glass downstems with different diffusion options, and even adjustable downstems. Knowing the length of the downstem you need is important when buying a new one. Be sure to check the product pages below that will give you easy to follow instructions on how to determine what length you need your new downstem to be. Here at The Dab Lab you’ll also find a vibrant assortment of keck clips, or joint clips, in both 14mm and 18mm joint sizes.