Dab Pads | Storage

Dabs Pads and Silicone Containers are a great alternatives to parchment paper. Have you ever attempted to scoop a dab off some parchment paper only to have it rip, leaving a sticky mess? And once it's ripped transferring that oil onto a fresh piece of parchment can prove to be a difficult task. A simple solution is to use high grade silicone. We carry silicone containers by #THISTHINGRIPS in different color options and sizes. These are great for storing your wax and oil and taking it with you for on the go. We also carry silicone pads by Oil Slick in small and large sizes. These are great for at home use. Put some dabs on the pad for your current sesh or set your rig on it for some protection from hard surfaces. This section also includes some heady glass dishes that work great with a nectar collector or simply as a "sesh plate".