Order Verification


  1. Sign in to your online account associated with the credit/debit card used to place your order (Example: Chase.com, CapitalOne.com, etc.). If you do not have account access online or via mobile app, you will need to call the telephone number on the back of the card to request the following information.

  1. Once you have gained access to your account (via online, mobile app, or telephone) you will need to locate the charge for your order. The easiest way to locate the charge for your order is to look for the charge that matches your order total ($).

  1. Note the “description” of the charge. The description is typically listed as the seller you purchased from. For verification and discretion purposes our description doesn’t say “TheDabLab.com”. If you can verify the description of our charge, that means you have access to the account linked to the credit/debit card used. Proof of access verifies you are indeed the credit card holder.

  1. Email us at info@thedablab.com with your Order Number (or the full name that was used to place the order) and the Charge Description. You can also call us at 650-741-0144 between the hours of 11:00 a.m. & 7:00 PM PST.

  1. That’s it! You’re done. As soon as we read your email (or speak to you on the phone), your order will be verified and begin to process for shipping. Thanks for your patience, Happy Toking!


Verification can be required due to several different factors: 

  1. The billing address you entered on the order does not match the billing address on file for the credit/debit card used to place your order.

  2. The order is not shipping to the credit card holder’s billing address.

  3. We received an unfavorable response from our merchant credit card processor.  

  4. The value of your order exceeds $500.00


  1. To protect our customer’s credit/debit card accounts from being used without their authorization.

  2. To protect our merchant credit card account from fraudulent transactions.

  3. To prevent online fraud.