Oil Vaporizer Pens

For vaporizing oils and e-liquids on the go, nothing beats a reliable oil vaporizer pen. With so many options out there on the market today, it is far too easy to make a choice that you will regret from the very first hit. You’ve come to the right place to avoid making that costly mistake. Here at The Dab Lab we bring you the best oil vaporizer pens, each brand with its own unique features which gives you the variety you deserve in order to make the right choice for your vaporizing needs. 

From award winning brands like Stag, SourceVape, and #THISTHINGRIPS, to proven favorites like Pulsar and Yocan our catalog of vaporizer pens is sure to have one that is just right for you. If you are going for maximum flavor, perhaps a quartz style atomizer will help. But if discretion is the key, a R Series Go Pen by #THISTHINGRIPS will fit hidden in the palm of your hand. Oil vaporizer pens large or small, we’ve got them all at The Dab Lab.