HALEN Quartz

Hailing from northern Colorado, the home of his own Pig Pen Studio, with over 15 years in the industry, longtime glassblower Joel Halen (Halen Quartz) is regarded by many as the King of Quartz. Undisputed is the fact that Halen has been instrumental in making the quartz domeless nail a part of our everyday routine.

It was way back in 2009 that Halen saw the culture moving hard towards dabs and concentrates. Always innovating, he saw a market for domeless quartz nails and he captured it almost a decade ago with his invention of the Halen Honey Hole – still a highly functional and highly popular design.

As with most of his designs, the Halen Quartz Trough was conceived during a sesh when Halen realized that the smaller sized dab rigs that were in fashion did not work as well with his high-riding Honey Holes. So he came up with the lowrider drop down design of the Halen Quartz Trough and another best seller was born.

The demand for Halen’s work often outpaces the supply and it can be hard to find, but when The Dab Lab says it is IN STOCK you can rest assured that your order will be filled. When you purchase Halen Quartz products from The Dab Lab you are getting 100% guaranteed authentic work from the artist, all proudly handcrafted in the USA.

From a shop apprentice to an industry innovator, the story of Halen Quartz is still being written and the ink is provided by your support for this dedicated glass artist.