Glass Pendants & Jewelry

We all dream of the day when we will be able to safely walk down the street and give a little tip of the dab rig to the neighborhood mailman or chatty soccer moms without getting any grief. But until then, we have to find other ways to publicly support our favorite artists and our love for the glass culture. There is quite literally no better way to legally do so than by wearing a heady glass pendant around your neck with pride. That's why at The Dab Lab we have a large selection of heady pendants for sale!

Glass pendants are often a direct expression of an artist’s inspiration, like the super popular goblin heads by Shelbo, or the impeccable mille work by Cap’n Crunk. With millies, mibs, wig-wags, opals, implosions, and yes even some goblins, when you are looking for heady pendants for sale, look no further than The Dab Lab. If you are looking for functional and wearable glass rigs, we have pendant rigs too! The Dab Lab is your best source for heady pendants from your favorite glass artists.