Pendant Rigs

What better way to showcase and celebrate functional glass art than with a heady dab rig that you can wear around your neck as a pendant too? Like peanut butter and jelly, combining rigs with wearable pendants was a genius move that has inspired some of the world’s best glassblowers to scale their work down a bit in a balancing act to maximize function while minimizing the size. Almost all pendant rigs feature a 10mm joint, typically a male joint. Most designs utilize a fixed downstem with relatively simple diffusion (2-3 holes or slits most often), and despite the minimal amount of space between the water and your mouth, a properly blown, and properly filled, glass pendant rig will not splash any water past the mouthpiece. Pendant rigs all incorporate some sort of glass loop or tubing that allows you to pass a sturdy necklace through so that the rig can be worn comfortably. When it comes to design, however, that is where the similarities end. With uniquely beautiful work from renowned artists like K-NINE, Huxtable Glass, and Custom Creations, your buds here at The Dab Lab are sure to have a heady new pendant rig that you will be stoked to add to your stash. Pendant rigs are perfect for travel, events, hiking, or even just hanging with friends.