Cool Pipes

There are so many types of personalities in the world, and here at The Dab Lab we have cool pipes to suit just about all of them. Featuring the work of some of the most talented glassblowers to ever stand behind a torch, our lineup showcases artists like Liberty Glass, Bard Glass, KGB Glass, Trapper Studio, and Schmalex Glass, to name a few. Whether you prefer a spoon style pipe, or more of a sherlock design, we’ve got you covered. Looking for a one-hitter or a hammer? We’ve got them shaped like anything from a doughnut to a dragon’s eye. For convenience, discretion, and portability, you just cannot beat these cool glass pipes. With our selection here at The Dab Lab, you can find the perfect pipe to match your style & personality. Support American pipe-makers, buy American-made glass pipes at The Dab Lab.