Ash Catchers

Spend less time cleaning your favorite bong or water pipe, and spend more time enjoying it by adding a new ash catcher from The Dab Lab. As its name implies, this handy little borosilicate accessory essentially adds one more chamber to your bong, trapping a majority of the ash and resin that comes through the bowl or slide, keeping your actual bong much cleaner for much longer. Another awesome benefit to adding an ash catcher to your new or existing bong is the added diffusion that the additional percolator provides. If you are tired of the same ol’ chug, you can mix it up with a showercap perc, an inline perc, honeycombs, turbines, and more!

When shopping for a new ash catcher here at The Dab Lab, you need to determine if you need a 14mm or an 18mm male joint, depending on the size of your bong’s female joint. You then need to decide if a 45-degree angle (slanted), or a 90-degree angle (straight) will work best for your setup – if your bowl sits at an angle when your bong is upright, grab a 45… if the bowl stays relatively upright, you should probably stick to the 90. But also try to envision this new ash catcher on your existing bong – is there anything that might collide or rub together? You don’t want that, so maybe look at a different style of ash catcher if you are concerned. We have a bunch of styles to choose from. When you do buy your first ash catcher be sure to add a Bubbler Converter Mouthpiece, seen below from Grav Labs, to your cart and you can use your new ash catcher as a travel bubbler! Catch that ash!