Heady Pipes

What are HEADY Glass Pipes?

Simply put Heady glass pipes are premium glass art you can smoke out of. They usually have color and a heavy artistic flair. Heady glass is a piece of glass that makes you say to yourself "wow, now that's cool!" Nowadays, The term "heady" is used to describe pretty much anything that is impressive. The immense talent it takes to make a heady glass piece of art is something to be impressed with in itself. But even without considering that, many of the headies we carry will blow your mind simply from their creative appeal. We carry a bunch of heady pipes here at The Dab Lab featuring an array of glass art techniques - Sculptures, Wig-Wags, Milies, and more. We also have heady dab rigs if you prefer water pipes. We are avid collectors ourselves. You can check out our Collection Gallery to see what drives our passion for heady glass. We hope you are equally impressed with the headies you find on this page.