PULSAR Vaporizers & Bongs

The Pulsar line of products may be the most affordable selection we have here at The Dab Lab with nearly two dozen heady glass options available for under $30! But do not mistake these low prices for low quality as Pulsar takes great pride in the craftsmanship that goes into every piece of glass and every vaporizer that they put out. It can be difficult to find a perfect bowl or slide to accent your favorite glass bong or waterpipe…until you visit TheDabLab.com that is! No two glass pieces are totally alike in our vibrant array of heady wig-wagged slides which all feature multi-hole diffused airways and are available in 14mm and 18mm Male and Female. Banger hanger heady glass dab rigs for way under a hundred bucks and be sure to check out the prices on the fully worked directional flow carb caps from Pulsar as well – a smart add-on to any order. And don’t sleep on the dual-function Pulsar ATX Herbal & Oil Vaporizer Kits available in a bunch of colors and styles to match your personality. It’s affordable, it’s portable… it’s perfect! Pulsar products put a smile on your face and some cash back into your pocket.