Clearance Section

Like any store, The Dab Lab has limited shelf space. Since we are constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest must-have items for you, sometimes we need to make room in our inventory for the new gear. This is where this Clearance Section becomes a huge benefit for us to be able to move excess inventory, and for you to reap the savings! There are some absolute steals available every time you browse this section of our site. You can expect to find savings of 30% or more on select heady pendants, stunning worked marbles, some really cool vapor domes, highly popular vape pens, titanium and quartz dab nails, and more! There are a bunch of dab rigs in various styles on sale right now for $100 or less! Now is the perfect time to get a gift for a friend…and one for you. Many of the items found below were best sellers not too long ago, and with very affordable work available from some of the most sought after artists in the glass blowing game, our Clearance Section is a great resource for beefing up your heady glass collection.