EXXUS Vape is a premium vaporizer brand built on pride for their products. The lineup of EXXUS Vape products available here at The Dab Lab represents their most popular options for both oil and herbal vaporizers. Quality Assurance Professionals inspect each device and component to make sure it is safe for use and reliable. With all cutting edge options available, from variable voltage to cartridge compatibility, EXXUS Vape stands behind their product line with a very simple manufacturer’s guarantee – if you find that any part of your EXXUS Vape product has a manufacturing defect, they replace it right away at no additional charge. This is their commitment to you, the consumer. Made by vapers, for vapers, EXXUS Vape is a perfect solution for beginners and seasoned heads alike. Their sleek and innovative designs waste no space in your pocket, purse, backpack, or on your desk but pack a powerful punch of flavor and effects when put to use. Whether you are looking for something completely discreet, or if you prefer something a little more substantial to truly taste your terps, here at The Dab Lab you will find an affordable selection of the very best that EXXUS Vape has to offer.