Steamroller Pipes

A steamroller pipe is a glass tube with two open ends. One side is the mouthpiece the other side is the carb hole. On top of the tube, closer to the carb hole, is either a push bowl or a glass joint for a slide. The portability of a steamroller pipe depends on its size and design, but for the most part they are fairly good travel pieces. The straight tube design makes them one of the easiest pipes to clean. This simple design tends to be very affordable too! Currently we only carry one steamroller pipe, but it’s one of the best available. At only $16.00, the Grav Labs steamroller pipe is a steal. It’s small enough for on the go use, but large enough to pack a fat bowl. The specially designed mouthpiece keeps ash in the pipe and out of your mouth! All pipes are packed securely and shipped discreetly. Contact us today with any questions or concerns.