Cheap Pipes

If you are looking for a durable and cheap glass pipe, The Dab Lab has you covered with plenty of spoons, sherlocks, chillums and onies to choose from – all of which should leave plenty of cash left in your pocket so that you can fill that new pipe when you receive it. The best part is, just because you don’t want to spend big bucks doesn’t mean that you have to settle for some poorly made and boring to look at pipe. We have elephants, skulls, mushrooms, monsters, puppies, and even toilets – all functional cheap glass pipes at a price that will make you happy you found The Dab Lab. It seems like technology is advancing all the time when it comes to smoking, but sometimes you just want to sit down with a nice glass pipe and have a good smoke. With pipes from companies like Liberty Glass, Crush Glass, and Grav Glass offering up a nice array of products under $50 here at The Dab Lab, our low prices on select pipes provides a wide selection of top quality and affordable glass pipes to fit any budget.