Sherlock Pipes

The sherlock pipe was named after the famous British detective, Sherlock Homes. He was known for using a calabash pipe, which is shaped just like what we call a sherlock pipe today. It is shaped similar to a capital “J” or a “Nike Swoosh”. The shorter end features a push bowl and carb, while the taller end functions as the mouthpiece. With some small pipes the bowl can get awfully close to your face. So close that you can feel the warmth from the lighter when you ignite your bowl. The extremely unique shape of a sherlock pipe not only looks cool, but also has a purpose. It extends the bowl away from your nose and gives you a better viewing angle. They aren’t the easiest pieces to clean, nor are they the most comfortable in your pocket, but there is no doubt that smokers lover sherlock pipes! We carry some really cool and colorful sherlock pipes here at The Dab Lab. You’ll find sherlock pipes with wig-wags, reticelllos, honeycombs, fume work, as well as sculpted sherlock pipes. All pipes are packed securely and shipped discreetly.