Chillum Pipes

The simplest chillum pipe (also known as a onie pipe) is basically a small glass tube with 2 open ends. One side of the glass tube about a half-inch from the end is collapsed so only a small hole remains. This side is the bowl hole; the opposite side is the mouthpiece. Fancier chillums are shaped like a fat bat and have a push bowl on the opposite end of the mouthpiece. Chillum pipes are great for on the go. They fit comfortably in your pocket and are small enough to stay fairly discreet. They are also just about the cheapest glass pipes you can find, so if you break one, no big deal replacing it. For cheap chillum taster pipes, check out the Grav Glass chillums and glass blunts. If you want something heady that will impress your friends, we have chillum pipes that look like doughnuts, colored linework, millie chips, and more. Check them out below! All pipes are packed securely and shipped discreetly. Contact us today with any questions or concerns.