The Dab Lab has one of the largest selections of quality glass water pipes and bubblers for sale online. No matter your budget, we have something you can afford. Water pipes are the smoothest way to deliver smoke or vapor to your lungs. They force the smoke or vapor through a percolator submerged in water. The water acts as a cooling device and bubbles as you pull air & vapor through it. If your dry pipe is just too harsh for you, we highly recommend stepping up to a water pipe. Even better, make sure it's a glass bubbler, which will make for an even cooler and cleaner hit! We have so many different types of glass bubblers for sale, it can be hard to choose. Make sure to watch the water test videos below each product description to help you decide! If you are looking for a water pipe for dabbing oils and concentrates, check out our Dab Rigs section below. If your looking for a water pipe for smoking herbs, check out our Glass Bongs section below.