Cheap Dab Rigs

The entry cost to get into the dabbing game can be pretty steep. Proper oils and concentrates can cost 2-3x more per gram than actual gold, and prices on heady dab rigs can easily soar into the thousands. For you ballers on a budget, The Dab Lab has one of the world’s best collections of cheap glass dab rigs all just a click or two away from being shipped directly to you.

Don’t get it twisted though, these are not just cheap, uninspired pieces of glass. We proudly seek out and feature the production lines of some of the top shops and artists in the industry. High Times Cannabis Cup award winners, high end artists with entry level lines, recycler dab rigs, traveler rigs, scientific glass and heady glass … no matter what your style or your budget may be, The Dab Lab has the glass dab rig that you’ve been looking for.

In this section every dab rig you see will be priced at $150 or below, with dozens of designs clocking in at $100 or less. Every dollar you can save on your new dab rig from The Dab Lab is another dollar you can use to upgrade your quartz banger, add on a new torch, or put towards your next jar of terps or flowers.

If you have questions about this aspect of your purchase, or anything else, hit up our live chat on the right hand side of your screen or send us a message and we’ll make sure you get what you need right away.