Banger Hanger Rig

One of the hottest new styles of glass is a banger hanger rig. With the steady rise in popularity of the domeless quartz nail, in particular the “Banger” style quartz nail, glassblowers and artists have taken note and in the process have created this new style dab rig that best suits these nails. Banger Hanger Rigs feature female joints set at a level 90° angle which provides the perfect platform for these “Banger” style domeless quartz nails – both in terms of function and aesthetic appeal. Some glass artists are doing jaw-dropping work with these Banger Hanger Rigs, and creating completely hand-blown and fully worked joints on more custom rigs. A Banger Hanger with a fresh domeless quartz nail is undoubtedly one of the cleanest looks you can get from functional glass. This style of rig, with its level female joint, is also ideal in many situations for the addition of a glass drop down adapter for use with an e-nail. Those drop downs, the highly popular “Banger” style domeless quartz nails, and plenty of other dab accessories can be found here at The Dab Lab in a useful variety of sizes and options to pair perfectly with your new Banger Hanger Rig.