Mini Tubes

Like blue jeans and rock & roll, some things will never go out of style, and mini tubes certainly fall into that category. Typically ranging in size from around 4” to just under a foot in height, mini tubes offer the perfect blend of function, discretion, and portability. With their beaker bottom shaping, mini tubes are also known for generating copious amounts of flavor. Primarily used for dabbing, mini tubes most often feature a fixed downstem and relatively simple diffusion. This leads to large, flavor-filled bubbles bursting just inches from where they hit the water. Despite their small size, high quality mini tubes like those found here at The Dab Lab are expertly crafted to generate maximum action as the smoke moves through the water without risk of having it splash up past the mouthpiece. Most options include a matching accessory with the rig, but all are very compatible with a wide variety of dab nails. When it comes to mini tubes, The Dab Lab provides pieces from the top glass artists in the game. Our lower priced entry-level mini tubes are very high quality as well. From the most affordable to the most heady, The Dab Lab has you covered.