Carb Cap Dabber

There are certain advantages to having your dabber attached to your carb cap, and some advantages of being able to separate the two when you want or need to. So naturally, The Dab Lab has all options available from top name artists and industry brands. Many people believe that the quest for the best terps begins with a glass or quartz carb cap dabber. From art-themed custom worked borosilicate glass dabber and carb cap combos to the most popular quartz options around, The Dab Lab brings you the best.

If titanium carb cap dabbers are more your style, the Ti King titanium carb cap and dabber set includes threaded titanium dabbers that can be attached in a variety of ways making these titanium carb cap dabber sets truly universal. Check out the products below and you’re sure to find the perfect carb cap dabber set for your needs. Click here to find out why you should buy a carb cap and how to use one.