Bubble Bottom Bongs

Easily the most recognizable style of glass water pipes and bongs is the bubble bottom variety. For decades, the iconic image of the bong has almost always been represented by the long straight neck tube leading down from the mouthpiece to the bulbous water chamber at the base of the piece. As much change as we have seen in the industry in just the past decade alone, the nostalgic design of the bubble bottom bong is still as popular as ever, not just for its form but for its superb function.

These pieces generally feature an oversized mouthpiece, often artistically worked to match the rest of the piece. The ball-shaped water chamber at the bottom of these bongs is generally a bit oversized, and will have a fixed or removable downstem leading from the bowl or slide down almost completely to the base of the inside of the water chamber. The large volume of water needed to properly fill the chamber, along with the simple diffusion of the submerged downstem, provides a massive chugging effect when in use – a feeling most users appreciate and enjoy.

Mix and match with custom crafted bowls and slides from The Dab Lab to compliment your own unique style. Load one up, tilt the tube back on the bubble until the mouthpiece meets your lips, then give it a big ol’ chugging rip!

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