Vapor Pipes

Everybody needs a great hash pipe in their life, so of course, The Dab Lab brings you the very best vapor pipes on the market: The Hand Vape from Health Stone Glass. Health Stone Glass is one of our best-selling brands here at The Dab Lab, due to the simple fact that THEIR PRODUCTS WORK. Featuring the one and only Oil Vapor Stone in it’s bowl, the Hand Vape gives you a whole new way to efficiently vaporize your concentrates. You place your oil or wax directly onto the room temp Oil Vapor Stone. Then, as you inhale through the mouthpiece, you apply heat to the oil and the stone using a triple flame lighter. The oil is then vaporized down through the fritted Oil Vapor Stone and converted into a flavorful plume of tasty vapors every time. The Stone cools down almost immediately, making it safer than a hot titanium or quartz nail when out and about. The shape of the Hand Vape, and the way it is used, resembles a more traditional way of smoking a pipe, which draws less scrutiny in a crowd than a torch and a nail and a rig, etc. - Tired of vape pens that don’t get the job done? Get yourself a Hand Vape and see what all the hype is about!

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