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What is an Ash Catcher and the Benefits of Using Them

Posted by Jack Daniel (Edited by Jay Dreadhead) on

You may be thinking, "what is an ash catcher? isn't it obvious?" Well, yes. Aptly named, ash catchers are a separate double-jointed chamber of glass – usually with its own unique perc and diffusion – that is meant to trap any ashes and burnt plant material that gets pulled through your bowl or slide while you take a huge rip off of a bong. Thanks to a new Ash Catcher, your bong will stay much cleaner for much longer.


Yes, a ash catcher does what it's name implies. It catches the ash keeping your glass cleaner, a large benefit, but that’s not all it does!


Many of these new ash catchers feature percolator just like the ones in a bong or water pipe. So not only can it keep your bong cleaner, but it will upgrade it with more percolation too!



Different types of percolators create different size, stack, and patterns of bubbles full of smoke. You might love your current bong, but with its built-in perc, you always get the same kind of hit. With a new Ash Catcher, you can add a 2nd level of diffusion which further cools the smoke before it reaches your mouth for an even smoother toke. With Honeycomb, Shower Cap, Double Honeycomb, Double Shower Cap, and Shower Cap x Honeycomb combo percs available, you can make your favorite piece feel brand new again.


Each Ash Catcher has two joints – one male, one female. The sizes of those joints vary between 14mm and 18mm, and the male joint might be  set at a 45 degree angle, or a vertical 90 degree angle. It’s great to have those options to make sure you get exactly what you need.


Basically, if the bowl on your bong point away from you when you rip it, you might want to consider a 45 degree joint on your Ash Catcher, so that the bowl stays somewhat level as you light it and roast it. If the bowl on your bong points towards the ceiling, the 90 degree ash catchers for sale online in our store are probably your best bet. Generally, straight tubes need 90 degree and beaker or bubble bongs need 45 degree.


Another added benefit of adding an Ash Catcher to your bong is that now no heat from a lighter or torch should ever go near your bong or its joint. While heat damage on a bong’s joint might be rare, a new Ash Catcher eliminates the possibility.


When you do add that new Ash Catcher to your cart at The Dab Lab , be sure to take a look at the Grav Labs Mouthpiece Bubbler Converter for Ash Catchers. For just $15, these boro J-shaped mouthpieces can be connected with your Ash Catcher and a slide to make a Sherlock-style bubbler. This is a great option if you are taking your glass on the go, with limited room.



It is easier than ever to get the perfect Ash Catcher to enhance your smoking experience:


1. Determine the size of the female joint on your bong (14mm or 18mm)


2. Determine the angle you will need (90* angle or 45* angle)


3. Make sure you have a bowl or slide that will fit the female joint of your new Ash Catcher – or find yourself a killer new bowl or slide here at The Dab Lab. Some ash catcher options include a bowl!


4. Find your preferred perc/diffusor type from our line-up and match that with the joint size from Step 1


5. A few clicks later and you will be all checked out from our online store and your new Ash Catcher will arrive at your doorstep shortly thereafter – easy


As always, if you have questions about Ash Catchers, or anything else you see on our site, feel free to hit us up and we’ll get back to you asap with more info. Keep it clean with a new Ash Catcher from The Dab Lab!