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We Packed a Fat One with this Bong Bowl Buyer’s Guide

Posted by Jay Dreadhead on

The best bong bowls for sale are found at The Dab Lab where our selection of simple clear scientific glass and beautiful headies and worked bowls and slides just cannot be beat! With bong bowls and slides starting at just $15, and sandblasted, line work, fumed, and sculpted functional art options too, The Dab Lab will help you keep the session lit.

There are many reasons that you may be shopping for a new bowl or slide for your bong or bubbler. Whatever your reason, The Dab Lab has a smokin’ hot selection of slides and bowls to compliment any piece of glass. With options starting at just $15, ranging up to the heady pieces with sick wig wags, eye-popping line work, and artistic sculpting, this Bong Bowl Buyer’s Guide will help you hone in on the best bong bowls for sale at 




When we talk about size, we are not really talking about the actual size of the bowl, though you should consider that as well…do you like  snappers, or do you like to pack a haystack and chug on it for a while?


What we are talking about is the joint size of your piece that you are trying to pair a new bowl or slide with.  Is the joint on your bong a male or female? If your bowl has a stem on the bottom that slides down into your bong, you need a male bowl. If your bowl or slide has more of a thimble shaped opening on the bottom, and slides down over a stem that sticks up from your bong, you need a female bowl or slide. What size is the joint? Common sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm - Still unsure? Click here to check out our blog on how to identify the sex and size of a glass joint.



Traditionally, tokers have used what is called the single hole push bowl in their pipes and bong bowls. It’s easy to clean and, well, it works. The majority of our bong bowls for sale at The Dab Lab still utilize this highly functional method of glassblowing, but diffusion is not just for downstems anymore! We’ve got options from  Grav Labs and Killa Bee for well under $20 that feature star shaped glass screens fused into the bottom of the bowl to increase airflow as the herbs are being heated for a better burn.




Our selection of bongs here at The Dab Lab feature some incredible glass art and we know that your collections at home have some jaw-dropping pieces as well. So we make sure that we have a good variety of styles to help you find a bong bowl or slide that is not just functional, but pairs aesthetically with your glass as well. If you just need something inexpensive, we have loads of options at the $15 price level. We’ve got clear martini glass style bowls that are easy to pack and very easy to clear out for the next rip. We’ve got clear push bowls, and the diffused bowls mentioned above at this incredibly low price as well! 


If you are looking for something worked or heady, we’ve got those too. Intricately sandblasted single hole push bowls from Liberty Glass will definitely spark some conversations. The mesmerizing line work and fuming on the slides from Schmalex blew our minds the first time we saw them, it’s no wonder they are a best seller. And you can always keep your 3rd eye lit with a sculpted  Eyeball slide from Bard Glass – we’ve got 14mm and 18mm options that can make even the most simple glass bong into something you can be proud of.




We get it, often times the deciding factor on which bowl or slide you choose will be price. Maybe you just dropped the one you have had forever and just need something quick that works. Maybe you are about the pull the trigger and buy the amazing new bong that you’ve had bookmarked for months here at The Dab Lab, but you want to upgrade the slide to match. We have highly functional clear glass bowls and slides in the most popular sizes for well under $20. We also have some super heady bowls and slides for over $100.


And, of course, we’ve got price points in between to help you make the best decision possible when you are looking for your next bong bowl or slide.


Hopefully our Bong Bowl Buyer’s Guide has been of service to you. But if you have any more questions just hit the  Contact Us page here on our website to determine the most convenient way to reach us and we’ll be glad to help you out, one on one. - The Dab Lab Online Headshop: Functional Art & Scientific Glass Since 2011