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Cannabis Oil Dabbing Leads To Record Sales Of Butane Torch Lighters

Posted by Jack Daniel (Edited by Jay Dreadhead) on

In the early days of dabbing, far too many of us settled for a trip to some lame home décor superstore to hit up the cooking section looking for a chef’s crème brûlée torch. Or, worse yet, using one of those giant MAP gas canisters from a home improvement place to super heat our nail for a dab. Those days are done. If it is a blazin’ variety of butane torch lighters for sale that you are looking for, we bring the heat here at The Dab Lab.


First, the basics – unless you are using some sort of an e-nail, you will need a butane torch lighter in order to heat the head of your nail (whether it is glass, quartz, titanium or ceramic) each time you want to enjoy a tasty dab. 


As dabbing started to really hit the mainstream of the cannabis community back around 2010, dabbers from coast to coast started buying up a ton of torches, presumably leaving those manufacturers scratching their heads wondering what was causing the sudden spike in sales. Some companies, like Blazer for example, seem to have made the connection and have embraced this new growing customer base and have begun to tailor some of their products to this industry. If you sell a grandma a torch that she takes out once per year to top off her famous Thanksgiving Lemon Meringue, that doesn’t really do much for your long term sales figures as a manufacturer of torches.



But, if an avid dabber wants a large torch for home sesh use, a small sized one for traveling around with, and a triple flame for their Health Stone Glass tokes or even for sparking blunts, now THAT is a nice repeat customer. Add in some free advertising when they #hashtag your company in their social media activity and you’ve got a ‘good cannabis dollar’, as they say in marketing.



By offering long term, and with some products lifetime, warranties, these manufacturers are building consumer confidence by offering a product that you might count on using several times a day, every single day, and standing behind it.


There might be a place in your local strip mall where you can get a cigar lighter, or a crème brûlée torch, or some sort of construction equipment to heat your nail, but instead you can just shop on where we have assembled the finest dabber-approved butane torch lighters for sale from the top manufacturers in the industry.


From the raw power and size of the Blazer Big Shot GT 8000 to torches decorated with original art, all the way down to the handy and reliable triple flame pocket torches from Vector, your buds here at The Dab Lab have just what you need to keep the sesh lit!