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Quartz Nails

We have got everything you need to keep the terps flowing and the dab sesh going strong here at The Dab Lab! With lots of people converting their dab rigs from titanium domeless nails over to some type of quartz version, or even an affordable electronic nail setup, we have stocked up on all of the above to make sure that you always have clean, tasty quartz on deck. As much as quartz can enhance the flavor and effects of your vaped oils, let’s face it – even quartz breaks. Fortunately, we have high quality quartz domeless nails, troughs, buckets, and bangers, starting at just $35.00 so that you can always keep an affordable backup handy. The “Diamond Knot” design from J-Red takes your dabs to the next level and has been a best-seller for us here at The Dab Lab. Determine the joint size on your rig, and whether it is a male or female joint. We have quartz domeless nail options in 10mm, 14mm & 18mm (both male and female in many cases). Some of them sit at a straight angle for rigs that are meant to be hit vertically, while some of our domeless quartz options rest at a 45 degree angle for rigs that require the user to tilt them back to hit them properly. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns before you make your purchase, feel free to hit us up here on the site, or via social media – we are happy to help. With prices this low, you should never suffer from a dirty or broken quartz nail – treat yourself to some new gear here at the Lab, we’re here when you need us!