Mini Bongs

The smart smoker has discovered that it’s not the size of the bong that matters, it’s how you percolate it, and these mini bongs from The Dab Lab offer an ideal blend of form and function. With options that provide simple diffusion and big chugging hits, to finely crafted percs and diffusers that create a froth of micro-bubbles, the line-up of mini bongs found here at The Dab Lab has something for everyone. Generally used with dry herbs, these mini bongs are certainly not limited to that. Though they often include a matching glass bowl or slide intended to be stuffed with your finest flowers, in most cases it’s just as easy for you to switch back and forth between the slide that is provided, or a domeless quartz nail to use with your oils, if that’s what you prefer. Here at The Dab Lab we can get you set up with a proper mini bong for only $40. We also have super heady options that would impress any connoisseur that go up in price from there. With your budget in mind, the next biggest decision is style. From beaker bottoms to straight tubes, fab eggs and bent-necks, our selection of mini bongs is so diverse, you are sure to find one that matches all of your criteria.