The RipTide carb cap by Gordo Scientific eliminates the need to fiddle with your cap to chase the oil around the nail. Simply place the cap in side the nail and the oil will spin in a circle! Add some quartz beads (coming soon) and watch them vortex around your nail, maximizing vaporization at the lowest temperature possible. Never waste terps again! 

- 1 x OG Riptide Carb Cap by Gordo Scientific

- Works with 25mm-30mm wide Flat Top Banger nails (also fits 20mm Thermal Nail by Quartz Tech)

- Width: about 33mm

- Made in Colorado (USA)

Which Dab Nails are compatible with this Carb Cap?

To see which Dab Nails will work with this carb cap visit our "Compatibility Master List" here.

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  • Vortex

    Posted by Dillstep on 10th Jun 2018

    This thing is such a nice cap. I bought a bubble cap first then this right after, let me tell ya this thing allows you to just keep puffing an puffing it pulls all your goodness to the center an spins it. Unlike others that do the opposite they push your puddles to the edge. The other perk is you just place it an let it do the work for you.