Domeless Nails

Domeless nails both quartz and titanium are a convenient nail option for dabbing oil. No need for that sticky oil dome you have to remove for every use. Instead, use a domeless nail to make your dabbing experience a little easier. There are two types to choose from. Either a Domeless Quartz Nail or a Domeless Titanium Nail. Quartz nails tend to heat up a little faster and if used at the ideal temperature can provide the best flavor. Just don't drop it on a hard surface or it WILL break. Domeless Titanium Nails on the other hand can be dropped little to no damage and can last much longer than a domeless quartz nail. For the highest quality American quartz nails, check out Halen QuartzHoyes Quartz, or Mad Rob Quartz. Check out Quartz Tech for a more affordable quality quartz option. If you want a domeless titanium nail that will work with multiple joint size, check out Highly Educated Titanium.