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Concentrate Bubblers

Concentrate bubblers are the same as a bubbler pipe, but are used specifically for concentrate oils. They also use water and essentially work the same as any other bubbler. But instead of featuring a female joint, they have male joints, often referred to as "Direct Inject". Concentrate bubblers are often equipped with a glass nail and oil dome designed for dabbing. Most concentrate bubblers are small and have a bent neck. A small piece with little diffusion with give you the best flavors from your vapor. If this is your first time shopping for a concentrate bubbler, check out the Freshbaked Fizzer. The fizzer is one of our most popular "starter" bubblers. If your ready to upgrade and want something cool like a Master Shake dab bubbler (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force), check out Slugworth Glass. There's lots to choose from, so take your time and dab on!