Cheap Bongs

Are you a baller on a budget? A player waiting for payday? Or maybe you just prefer to invest more into what goes inside your bowl than you do on the bowl itself. We see you working and here at The Dab Lab, so we’ve stocked top quality cheap bongs to fit into any budget. We also understand that just because you want to save some big bucks on your glassware, you should not have to compromise on the quality of the glass being used, or in the function that it provides. In this section you will find glass bongs as cheap as $40.00 with color! We also have some scientific style glass bongs with more complex percolators made using advanced glass blowing techniques like "Fab Eggs" and "Klein Recyclers" maxing out at only $150.00! Save money without sacrificing your pride, stretch your dollar farther at The Dab Lab!