Beaker Bongs

The traditional flared bottom and angled downstem of our glass beaker bongs may remind you of more classic pieces, but you’ll find no plastic tubes here at The Dab Lab. Here you’ll find high quality glass-on-glass beaker bongs, with both fixed and removable downstems and a great variety of perc options. If it's simple single hole or multi hole diffusion you are looking for, you'll find it here. If more percolation is your style, we’ve got that too with scientific diffused downstems and beaker bongs with multiple percs stacked up. The wider base of beaker bongs gives them added stability, making them harder to tip over. The larger base also allows more smoke to gather inside until you choose to pull the bowl/slide, giving what many customers agree to be a much larger hit. Another added benefit of the beaker bong style is that since it holds more water than most bongs or rigs, the water stays cleaner longer. At The Dab Lab you will find clear, or scientific, beaker bongs as well as more artfully crafted versions. Sizes range from 22” down to 7” beaker style rigs. With so many options here at The Dab Lab, we are sure to have a beaker bong to fit your needs.