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16 Dab Rigs under $100 Available NOW at The Dab Lab!

Posted by Jay Dreadhead on

There has never been a better time to start your glass collection or add to it with a beautiful new dab rig from With prices reduced on rigs of all types, there are currently 16 different styles of dab rigs from 6 loved companies priced under $100 here at The Dab Lab. This is part of our commitment to ensure that the joy of dabbing can be had by all people!

Don’t you hate click-bait headlines that lead to bullshit? Us too, and this isn’t one of them! You read it right; The Dab Lab is making room for 2018 by passing some of the best savings of 2017 on to you, our favorite dabbers,  with 16 different styles of dab rigs for sale under $100!



If you are new to dabbing and have some questions and want to get into the game with a small investment to see if you like it – we got you. If you know what you’re doing, but you’re a baller on a budget in need of a sweet new dab rig that won’t break the bank – we got you, too. If you’ve got a jaw-dropping collection of heady and high end glass art and dab rigs at your pad, but you need a sturdy, rippin’, inexpensive dab rig for travel or a gift – we’ve definitely got you.


Right now we’ve got 6 smokin’ hot options from Domer Glass for under $100. The first four are all 14mm males with 4-Slit Stemline percs for stacking tons of bubbles. The only difference between these four is the color of the wrap around the dome and the mouthpiece and base of the rig. We sold a bunch of these at their original price of $145.00 but you can snag one now for just $90! The other 2 Domer rigs are only $75, and have a different percolator – a bubbler-style 4-Slit fixed downstem. The three options that we currently have from Grav Labs for under $100 all come complete with a 14mm domeless quartz nail – everything you need just add the water, the fire, and the terps!



Always made in the USA, the two iDab Glass pieces available for under $100 right now at didn’t use to be on this list, but as we make room on our shelves these best-sellers have been marked down by over 35% for you. So now is the perfect time to add their gorgeous German schott glass work to your stash. Of course, the unique style of work that Crush Glass puts out is always a conversation starter, and we’ve got some of his most affordable work ready to ship to you right now.



*WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*  This 10mm 2-Slit Pocket Nano Vapor Rig from Stone Glass Works is the best deal you can find on a dab rig for sale under $100 anywhereRecently reduced, these will not last long and when they are gone…they are gone!


We get it – if you are getting your hands on good quality dabs, a lot of times that does not leave a lot of leftover funds for super heady or expensive glass. We’ve all been there, that’s why we started The Dab Lab. We might not always have this many dab rigs online for under $100, but we promise to always keep our selection useful for all dabbers and to pass savings along to you every chance we get!

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