Recycler Oil Rig

A recycler rig is a piece of functional glass that typically uses two chambers instead of just one, transferring the vapor from the first chamber to the second along a stream of cool water being "recycled" back into the first chamber. This system delivers what many consider to be the smoothest hit you can get. As with most rigs, it all starts with the percolator. Whether you prefer simple 1 or 2-hole diffusion, or if you like more froth like from an inline or matrix perc, The Dab Lab has got you covered with the hottest recycler rig options from today’s top artists Leisure Glass, Mr. Flow Glass, Bare Glass and more! Most recycler rigs feature a wide and sturdy base, making them ideal for use with electronic vaporizers. With so many options available these days, finding a recycler with a perfect balance of form and function can seem like a daunting task, but with our product filters, water test videos, and knowledgeable staff, it’s never been easier here at The Dab Lab.